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Maximum sizes

Please consult us for your requirements of other sizes.

Minimum curve radius:

R 150 mm for single glass
R 300 mm for safety laminated glass
R 300 mm for insulating double glass
Please consult us for your requirements of a smaller radius.

Manufacturing tolerance

Developed dimension +/- 3 mm (v x l)
Curve accuracy: +/- 1/2 of glass thickness ( P)
Both deviations can be used on one glass which means that a tolerance tone, where the deflection curve moves within, is actualy the thickness of the glass. This can be applied only to single glass. For laminated glass or insulating double glass the deviation is up to +/- 1/2 of the thickest glass.

Deviation of strightness

The deviation of strightness is up to 2mm/m of its length. Spatial tolerance (distorsion or torsion) is determined by dimension and curving tolerances with the maximum value of :

d = 4mm for the capacity (V) up to 1000 mm
d = 8mm for the capacity (V) up to 2000 mm
d = 12mm for the capacity (V) up to 3000 mm
If you have requirements for more accurate tolerance please discuss them with our company.

It refers to maximum manufacturing tolerance which needn´t be necessarily used.

Optical quality

Optical quality of curved glass is influenced by qualities of used components and qualities induced by curving process. This mean that the optical impression of curved glass differs to the one of flat glass.

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