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Different kinds of curved glass
Simple glass

All kinds of basic float glasses within the thickness of 3 – 19 mm as well as coloured glass (planibels or parsols) or pyrolytic low-emissivity glass (Stopsols, Antelias, Low E types Planibel K glass or EKO) and imagin patterned glass can be curved. In case of cast wired glass and fire-polished glass, please discuss your order with the producer in advance . Another kind of glass which can be curved is opaque glass, sand-blasted or enamelled with all-surfaced printing or enamel glass. There is no inner stress in enamelled glass (it is not hardened).

Safety laminated glass

With PVB (polyvinylbutyl) foil with the thickness of 0,76, 1,52. This product comes to being by putting two or more panes of basic float curved glass into layers with the exception of cast glass which is not adapted to foil laminating. Most of the certificates of breakthrough resistence, which is in tolerance with used material, can be applied to this safety glass. All panes of glass up to the thickness of 2x6mm are standardized. The others up to 2x12mm can be supplied after the technical consulting the issue with the producer. Safety curved glass with the layer of rasin is manufactured in a similar way. The layer of rasin can have an anti-sound or security qualities. There is also a limited use of one pane of imagin curved glass with the addition of rasin.

In case of float or laminated glass the edges can be ground or polished or the notches can be drilled. If you have any of such a special wish, please consult our company.

Insulating curved glass

Two panes of curved glass are sealed together. Any kind of single and safety glass mentioned above can be applied. This glass is of a special distance aluminium profile stuffed with drier and permanent plastic adhesive as well as outter permanent elastic vulcanic glass cement. Distance profile can be also TREMCO system SWIGGLE STRIP which functions as an adhesive and steamproof system supplied with outter vulcanic cement. These systems function as a bounded space between the panes of glass.

Safety curved glass reaches the heat passage coefficient of "k"/W·m-1·K-1·2,8-3,0 in case of ordinery glass or 1,6 –1,9 in case of glass of „Low E“ type or if internal gas is applied to an intermediate space.

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