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Speglass s.r.o. curved glass
Introducing the company

Speglass was founded in 1994 and in a few following years it became an important producer of special curved glass which is used in engineering and interiors. Thanks to the combination of qualified experts in this field and long-term experience in developing the technology of curving, our products have reached the top of West European quality. The products of Speglass company are to be seen in the majority of important buildings ever built in Czech Republic since 1995 where curved glass has been used. Curved glass has reached a great success in majority of well-known facade systems including special structural or semi-structural systems.


Curved glass is made in bending electrical furnaces with controlled heating and cooling and then the glass pane is formed into a final shape. Special molds are used in this process. All heating and cooling process is controlled so that there is no residual internal stress in the final glass product. Curved glass products can be applied to glazing facades, in most of the aluminium systems including structural and semi-structural ones, to plastic, metal and wooden window frames. The glass products can be also applied to curved glazed entrance corners of display windows and to outside glazed balustrades lift walls. There are also applications to glazed roof systems and arc monitor tops or cupolas. For an interior use curved glass can be applied to glazing staircase, cylindrical glazed lift walls or to counters in offices or banks, etc. In special cases curved glass can be also used for furniture or a front part of aquariums, etc.

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